Table Service & Room service POS Add on

Settle the bill payment directly to Room folio or Cash , Credit card , Credit.

Dine in Restaurant POS with Kitchen Display, Tablet KOT and Privilege Card Membership.ATS software automates order entry, preparation and management processes. Delivery features are built in for Take away service.

Room service and Table Service Restaurant POS Software

KOT printing on 1-7 remote printers in kitchen & Bar. POS with Table Shifting and Item Shifting feature.


Secured Void Bill and KOT transaction control. User Manager to grant rights. KOT item and Bill void report.

Reports & Analytics

Daily Sales Report & outlet Audit report. Track the table, pick-sell hours and server generating the highest revenue.

Modifier & Add-ons

Tagging of menu item with paid,free modifiers.Message like "Less Spicy" ,"No Onion" on KOT printing.


No charge Bill and Complimentary Item like "Buy One Get One".Generate Reports for complimentary quantity and amounts.


Customer History and Food preference choice.Privilege Card Membership, Gift card and loyalty Schemes.

Mobile KOT Ordering

No more physical paper pads.Order is taken from the customer using the phone and sent wirelessly to the kitchen and bar.

Kitchen Display

Fully integrated with ATS POS, the orders originate from POS input and are sent to the KDS through the network LAN.

Table Service & Room service POS Add on

The Most Complete Restaurant POS Software

ATS Restaurant POS is referred by leading brands and more then 900+ outlets. We believe in creating true partnerships with our customers in an effort to enhance their patron's experience.

Table Service & Room service POS Add on

Want a Dine in, Table service POS ? You're in the right place !



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